Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dima Bilan - Lady Flame  

Dima Bilan doesn't release many songs in English (it's pretty much a yearly event), but when he does they are always completely brilliant. I am hoping that his next album will be simply made up of great pop songs like this, Never Let You Go and It's Not That Simple - if it is, it could be the best album of 2007. I'm sure you already know and love NLYG and INTS, and Lady Flame (which was a b-side to NLYG in Sweden, but has a video so presumably was a single in Eastern Europe) is similar to the former but faster, poppier, cheesier, more of a disco-pop sound, and extremely catchy. Bizarrely, I saw an advert for a ringtone of this on a music channel the other day, suggesting it may be released as a single here. It doesn't stand a chance of being a hit but I'll certainly be picking up a copy if I can find one. I only wonder why he didn't save this for Eurovision, it would be perfect, although perhaps too much of a conventional pop song to be a winner. Amusing Dima fact: His first single was called 'Bum'!

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