Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Damone - Out Here All Night  

When you hear the intro to this song, you'll think I've lost my pop and been dragged over to the dark side of thrashing angsty rock, but as soon as the singing starts you'll realise that Damone is just the next logical step from Fefe Dobson, and the group are already getting more critical acclaim than Fefe ever did. The members are male apart from the lead singer, Noelle Leblanc, but she has so much girl power that the band is certainly more female than male. This is the kind of music girls can get behind - Noelle is representing real teenage girls (although I think she may have just surpassed her teenage years), without resorting to using her feminine charms to attract attention. I don't know if it will work (they've been going since 2002 but the latest album, with this as its title track, seems to be getting more attention), where it hasn't for Fefe or Lillix or (so far) Marion Raven, but I think they may have the best chance of all the female rockers appealing to actual rock fans as opposed to just pre-teen wannabes. If you like The Donnas, give this a go - it's better than anything they've ever done.

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