Monday, January 01, 2007

Sophie Ellis- Bextor - Catch You  

It was all a bit upsetting last night when Sophie's first ever performance of her comeback single began with a broken microphone making the first verse an instrumental, but this didn't stop the song from revealing its extreme brilliance. Sophie is one of the acest people in British pop music, so her return is much needed and a great cause for excitement. I think she's going to have difficulty achieving success, but this song, which could well be her best single ever, suggests she has put aceness before trend-following and has made the music her fans want to hear, rather than trying to fit in with current sounds, which I think would be impossible anyway because she has such a distinct sound. With her husband in one of the biggest and best pop acts of the moment (The Feeling) and her mum about to crucify her career on Just The Two Of Us, let's hope Sophie isn't too busy watching them on TV to appear on it herself.

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