Saturday, January 06, 2007

Siobhan Donaghy - Man Without Friends  

My no.1 fave Sugababe, Siobhan plans to release a second album this year, despite the disappointing lack of success achieved by her first solo CD. She released 2 singles from Revolution In Me (Overrated and Twist Of Fate), but these were just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Siobhan was capable of, and the album beheld some real treats. I like every song on the CD, but this one, along with Iodine and Nothing But Song, is my favourite. It's such a cleverly made song, with great lyrics, making something very natural and refreshing-sounding while still obviously using modern technology. Siobhan is a very original and innovative artist, and it's a total 'up yours' to every condescending male music critic that this comes not only from a pretty young woman but one who began her career in a pop band. I hope her talent will be more widely recognised when she releases more music, but even if not I know those sensible enough to pay her attention will be very excited to have her back.

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