Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Spinto Band - Oh Mandy  

Here's a song that just missed out on my top 25 singles of the year, and since I hadn't previously posted it here I decided it deserved some extra recognition. Of the songs I've loved this year this is one of the least conventionally poppy and yet it is bursting with addictive hooks and general jauntiness. And it does it all with pounding emotion and a sense of true, honest love for this Mandy. I hope she deserves to have such a fantastic song written about her. The song, which reminds me a lot of the one Arcade Fire song I like, Rebellion (Lies), is so catchy you can imagine it being covered by a pop singer, whether male or female (but definitely a fun one), and it would be a great song, but it's the weirdness of the vocals here that makes it something special.

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