Friday, December 01, 2006

Pleasure - Don't Look The Other Way  

(Now on Filelodge) When Popjustice first linked to the new song by what seemed to be a girl-group called Pleasure, I wondered if they knew that there was an act already using that name, the one who released Don't Look The Other Way, featuring Justine from Elastica a few years ago. However, a little research revealed that there would be no copyright battles, as this was the very same Pleasure, simply with different vocalists. In fact, Wikipedia describes Pleasure as "a Norwegian funky pop band, led by Fred Ball", who, as Mr PJ mentioned, is the writer/producer of much of Bertine Zetlitz's recent work. This song was released in 2003 and was the only hit from the full album, also called Pleasure. I was quite a fan of it at the time, although I had no idea who Pleasure was. It's very catchy 80s-style electro-pop and the weird video is pretty cool too.

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