Sunday, December 24, 2006

Darin - Insanity  

I went into my first listen of the new Darin album, Break The News, expecting track 2 (Extraordinary Love, the work of Robyn and Max Martin) to be my far off favourite, but actually I was a bit disappointed there and instead gravitated towards this more 'urban' song, the first track. The verses sound like JC Chasez and the chorus like Justin, showing once again that Darin, despite his youth and not being American, is a one-man *N Sync! This is one of the coolest and most grown-up songs Darin has done, and shows he can really compete with the worldwide stars... so why isn't he one? If you like SexyBack and JC's Schizophrenic album, download this now. If you want something a bit lighter look for Saturday Night, ballad Everything But The Girl (which sounds a bit like No Promises by Brian Rice/Shayne Ward) or the single, Perfect, while if you like Insanity I also recommend Desire which is very SexyBack.

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