Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bethany Joy Galeotti - Halo  

I have never known of anyone with so many names as this young lady - she began her career as Joie Lenz, then added the Bethany and swapped the 'ie' for a 'y', and now she goes by her married name of Bethany Joy Galeotti. And just to complicate things, this song appears on the One Tree Hill soundtrack under the name of her character on the show, Haley James Scott! The song is more upbeat than the singer-songwriter nicey-niceness Bethany/Haley usually provides us with, and has a great emotional sing-along chorus. Haley is really one of the wimpiest characters to ever grace our TV screens (and apparently in real life Bethany enjoys knitting and making stationery!) so she really needs a bit of angst-pop to bring out the aceness I'm sure is in there somewhere, and this just about does it, but may just carry itself on good singing and songwriting.

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