Sunday, November 05, 2006

Skamp - Split The Atom (Na Na Na)  

You may have to wade through a lot of pointless trance music to get to it, but there is some great music to be found in Eastern Europe and Lithuanian trio Skamp are one of my favourite recent discoveries. You may remember their slightly lyrically unimaginative Eurovision entry You Got Style from 2001, but this is much better - an unusual poppy track with strong female vocals and an amusing rap. They're very 90s, not at all cool, but brilliant for it - even without the aceness of the music I'd still love them for seeming like such a fun group. The song reminds me of Underneath It All by No Doubt, as the singer (who is actually Irish, hence her not sounding very Lithuanian) has a slightly rocky voice (quite Sheryl Crow-ish) but the style of music is reggae-pop like Blue Lagoon or Ace of Base. Beware: You'll be singing this all day. Thanks to Mr Bear for providing the version of this I wanted - if you downloaded the non-ace one, now get this and see the difference.

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