Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nena ft. Duncan Townsend - Caravan of Love  

Here's some serious 80s revival for you - an 80s one hit wonder (Nena of course is the lovely lady behind 99 Red Balloons/Luftballons) covering the song that the Housemartins sent to no.1 in a capella form in 1986. It reached the top spot 5 days before Christmas, so although it was succeeded as Christmas no.1 by Jackie Wilson's Reet Petite, you could still say it's a Christmas song, so I will be putting this superbly jolly cover version on all my Christmas compilation CDs from now on. The serious music nerds among you will know that the song was first released a year before that by Isley Jasper Isley (a spin-off of the Isley Brothers, if you couldn't guess), a big US hit. Nena adds a new twist with her German vocals and releasing the song as a male/female duet with a little-known German (despite his very British name and vocal similarity to David Bowie) singer. It's such a cheerful, uplifting song, I just had to share.

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