Monday, November 13, 2006

Kate Goes - Heartbeat  

Pipettes fans, listen up! Here is a brilliant new band you almost certainly won't have heard of, but if you have any sense at all you'll soon be absolutely in love with them. Kate Goes are a group of 3 girls and 2 boys who sing super-cute and adorably amusing indie-pop and dress up in a different theme for each show. They're currently on tour with the equally amusing and fab Misty's Big Adventure, and last night's show left their CDs flying off the merchandise table - everyone in my group bought a copy of the lovingly home-made 3-track CD and we all fell in love with this song with it's lyrics which are simply the sweetest thing I have ever heard. There are so many love songs that just express their love in the same old clich├ęs, but this one is entirely original with phrases like "I'm the mould around your cheese", "I'm the rice and you're krispies", "you're the charger for my batteries", "you're the squeegee that I squeeze" etc. If you don't love this you are dead inside!

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