Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Margaret Berger - Will You Remember Me Tomorrow  

The rubbish internet in my house has prevented me from hearing the whole of Margaret's new album, but from the few tracks Chris has kindly provided me with, I am quite sure that it is brilliant. Margaret is as quirky as Robyn and Bertine but her music is pure pop, especially this track which on first listen seemed almost too sweet for me, but I then spent the next 24 hours with it playing incessantly in my head and I decided I loved it. Its slight strangeness that develops into brilliance reminds me of Girls Aloud's songs, and it's certainly up there with GA's very best tracks. She sings "oh baby" with a Britney-esque twang and for some reason the song conjures up memories of that scary robot woman who dances in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Speaking of robots, if this is a little too cheesy for you, I very much recommend the track Robot Boy which takes a slightly bizarre theme and makes it sound entirely believable and rather good fun - if there is ever a remake of Edward Scissorhands, the only way it could beat the original would be to have this song very aptly on the soundtrack.

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