Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I'm From Barcelona - Treehouse  

My intake of new music has been slightly stunted lately as I have been settling into university life and internet radio doesn't work here for some reason (no Rix FM, it's awful), but I did go out and buy the recently released album by Swedish indie-pop group of 29 members (lead singer Emanuel and all his cheery Jönköping friends), I'm From Barcelona. I only knew a few tracks but I was pleasantly surprised by the rest, which makes up a very enjoyable album overall. There really are few acts as jolly as this lot, and only the most miserable miser would not smile at the lyrics of songs like this one, about building a treehouse: "I have built a treehouse, nobody can see us, it's a you and me house". Make sure you also watch their videos, cos they are really not to be missed.

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