Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Caesars - We Got To Leave  

A few weeks ago I posted a song by Teddybears Sthlm and now I am posting one by a band which shares one of their members, Joakim Ahlund, who is the brother of fellow Teddybear and Robyn-producer, Klas Ahlund. The Caesars are a rock band but because of the link to the Teddybears, there is an obvious pop and electro influence and this, as well as being Swedish, gives them the edge above your average 'boys with guitars' act. You may remember their UK hit single Jerk It Out (aka the one off the iPod advert), but nothing they released since then made any impact here. However, they are big stars in Sweden and at around the same time Jerk It Out was successful here, they were having a hit with We Got To Leave in Sweden. I found their album, Paper Tigers, in a CD shop's closing down sale on Sunday and have been listening to it quite a lot, with this track becoming a firm favourite with its jolly 60s pop sound. You can sing along but it still sounds very cool so your friends won't laugh (too much).

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