Friday, September 22, 2006

Savage Garden - 2 Beds And A Coffee Machine  

(now the right song - sorry anyone who downloaded the mislabelled A Thousand Words by mistake!)
When I first bought Savage Garden's Affirmation album, which would go on to be my favourite album of all time, I noticed this song straight away. There is something very calming about the piano and the singing in it, that even though it's a sad song it's not upsetting, just soothing. Whenever I was having any teenage angst (admittedly this was rare - I am as much an angster as I am a gangster!) I would run up to my room and put Affirmation on Track 9 and soon all would be well yet again. I don't listen to the album quite so much anymore, not because I like it any less but because I have discovered so many other great albums so the system of rotating gives them less stereo time, but whenever I do listen to it, it takes me right back to my younger teenage years, and although that was the most boring and rubbish time of my life (simply cos nothing happens when you are 13) it's still nice to think about what has passed and how my life is loads more groovy these days. Hurrah for that!

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