Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nick Carter - Blow Your Mind  

Before the Veronicas, Marion Raven, Kelly Clarkson and even Ana Johnsson, Max Martin (who was still part of Cheiron at this time) tested his new rock sound on Nick Carter. No-one took any notice, but this was because he only released the boring tracks. There was one particular song on the album which could be seen as the prototype for all the recent rock-pop songs Max has written/produced, especially Ashley Parker Angel. Ashley's music certainly isn't the best example of the genre, but this song is very much like his style, yet much better - you could even call it a male Tap That (especially with his strong American accent when singing) or Since U Been Gone, the main similarity being the idea of making a very rocky backing track (almost Lordi-esque) into a song that is undeniably pop. The Max Martin girl-rock music has plenty of girl power, but this song actually has what you could call 'boy power'. It's cooler than almost anything else BSBs have done (the style is kind of electro-rock!), great fun and very catchy. Maybe the BSBs could take a tip from this track for their next album. If you're a fan of Nick, you may like to know that he is currently doing a TV reality series for E!, a US channel which has a UK version on Sky (no. 155), so hopefully the show will be on here soon too - it begins in the US on 2nd October.

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