Sunday, August 27, 2006

Miguel Ángel Muñoz (UPA Dance) - Tu diras que estoy loco  

UPA Dance are a Spanish group consisting of stars of the TV soap 'Un Paso Adelente' (hence UPA). The group began as a five-piece, but 23-year-old Miguel Ángel Muñoz (aka MAM, like Geordie mothers, but not), who sings this song (although it's credited as UPA Dance apart from in France, where it seems to have gained most success) is the only original member remaining as Beatriz Luengo and Pablo Puyol left to go solo and the other 2 (including Penelope Cruz's sister Mónica) followed suit. Undeterred, Miguel recruited an ex-Popstars singer called Eli Jordán and a boy exotically named Edu del Prado (I can't decide if he sounds more like a holiday resort or a fashion label) to continue the group. This is a very catchy, summery song which, although in Spanish, is great to sing along to and since the lyrics are so simple even the least linguistically talented of you will soon be showing off to your pals your excellent grasp of the Spanish language. Also, you must watch the video which is in 2 parts and has some great dance routines (especially the funny waving bit near the end of part 2), although I'm not entirely sure of the storyline. Miguel creepily dances around a very thin girl as she walks down a street at night, joined by a scary man in a red fur coat and silver high heels, then he and his colourfully clothed friends start dancing and a very appreciative audience appears. He clearly wants to be Michael Jackson, even donning a single black glove, but this music is certainly far more poptastic than the recent output of another Jacko-wannabe we could mention.

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