Friday, August 25, 2006

Megan McCauley - Tap That  

It's like the 90s never happened as every young female artist is flown over to Sweden in the hope of obtaining some of the Max Martin magic to further their careers, while lining his and co-writer Dr. Luke's pockets very nicely. The latest young lady to jump on the bandwagon is Megan McCauley, an almost-18-year-old American who has so far only been heard on film soundtracks. Tap That is her debut single and it's driven by a beat similar to 4ever or U + Your Hand, but unlike Pink she crosses from aggressive angst to girl power as she channels sassy female rappers such as Salt and Pepa with funky raps in the verses, sexual lyrics and a wild, shouty chorus. She may be barely legal but Megan sounds much older than the typical rock-pop bores such as Hilary Duff and Aly & AJ who clutter the airwaves of Radio Disney these days. Somehow I don't think old Walt would approve of this one! It's a great fun song and Megan is definitely one to watch on the teen-pop scene, as long as she doesn't scare off too many Christians with her offer to be your "dirty fantasy".

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