Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lillix - Little Things  

I've posted a few songs by Lillix before, and it's always hard to choose what to post because their consistency in making great songs is amazing. This is one of the tracks from their new album Inside The Hollow which will be out in September. On their MySpace you can also hear this, the fantastic single Sweet Temptation and another brilliant song called Blackout which sounds more like the old-skool Lillix of their debut album. The album was made with the help of people who worked on the Killers' debut and you can certainly hear the similarity on this track, but it's chorus is catchier and having a female sinegr makes it even better. Lillix songs should be listened to loud, even if only on headphones, cos this is as close to real shout-along rock you'll get on this website. And if you're a proper rockist then you should listen to this and maybe you will begin to shed some of those ridiculous prejudices against teen girl rock, since everyone else knows it's by far the best kind.

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