Monday, August 07, 2006

Da Buzz - Without Breaking  

If you, like all sane people, are a fan of Swedish dance-popster September (releasing Satellites in the UK in, you guessed it, September!) then you must hear this new single by fellow Swedes Da Buzz. They've made heaps of great pop during their 6 year career, having released 5 albums. The latest is Last Goodbye which was out earlier this year and included the title track which was also a single and of course this one which is currently at no.20 in the Swedish hitlistan. It's fast becoming one of my favourite Da Buzz songs as it's so catchy and even has a fun sort of rap near the end! This is bouncy, uplifting Swedish pop at it's very best. If there is a country where life sounds like this, why isn't everyone desperate to move there? I certainly am!

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