Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Cardigans - Give Me Your Eyes  

It was a pleasant surprise today to find a Fopp (cheap UK music shop, for those of you lucky enough not to live in the UK) has appeared in my nearest town, Oxford. In celebration I decided to choose myself a treat from the £5 section and I came home with a copy of The Cardigans' latest album Super Extra Gravity. I liked the first two singles, which both received UK releases and even a small amount of music channel airtime, but I wasn't sure if I'd like a whole album as it's the first I've bought by The Cardies. I have to say overall I'm happy with my purchase, especially the tracks Drip Drop Teardrop, Slow and most of all this one which quite surprisingly makes me want to leap out of my chair and dance around the room in a very jolly way! It's such a catchy, fun and poptastic song, if you've ever even slightly liked The Cardigans then you should listen to this. And even if you don't like them you should hear it anyway, so you can change your mind to prevent any further embarrassment of being wrong.

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