Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jim - Tell Her  

The rate of new Pop Idols being produced seems to be steadily decreasing as the idea of reality TV shows loses its sparkle (although I still watch all the music ones), but there are quite a few ex-contestants still around. One example is Jim Bakkum who came 2nd in the first series of Idols in Holland, and although his latest single Dapper & Sterk only got to no.13 it's more than most British Idol runners-up could achieve nowadays. Jim was only 15 when he released his first single Tell Her in 2003 and as an attractive young man he certainly seemed to win over the teenage girls (myself included). His voice is unusual but it really suits this lovely mid-tempo love song. I haven't heard many more songs by Jim, but I know he covered the ace ballad You And Me written by Alistair Griffin from Fame Academy, who had a songwriting deal before he went on the show which meant lots of his music would be released by Dutch stars - he also provided big hits for rock boyband Di-rect and DJ Sammy vocalist Do.

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