Sunday, July 02, 2006

French Affair - My Heart Goes Boom  

French Affair had a few good singles, but this, their UK semi-hit, was definitely my favourite. My Heart Goes Boom was their first single in 2000, followed by Do What You Like and Desire the same year, and Comme Ci Comme Ca and Sexy a few years later. You can hear some of their hits on this MySpace page. My Heart Goes Boom was no.1 in Germany, Austria and Turkey as well as gaining at least Gold status in 5 more countries. However, like many of these ace European summer hits, it didn't have much effect in the UK, only reaching no.34, but it did turn up on a compilation CD I bought and got so many plays from me I'm sure it made up for it! The singer lady is Barbara Alcindor who is French but actually lives in the UK according to Wikipedia.

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