Monday, July 24, 2006

Basement Jaxx ft. Robyn - Hey You  

The rumours of Robyn's return to the UK charts (her last release was Do You Really Want Me which I bought on cassette in 1998) have been steadily produced for the last year or so, ever since she released her genius self-titled album in Sweden. At last one of the rumours has come true and this song, although it may never be a single, will be released in the UK as part of the forthcoming Basement Jaxx album, interestingly titled Crazy Itch Radio. The song is nothing like what we're used to from Robyn, in fact it sounds like some kind of carnival rave musical! Robyn's vocals are great for the song and although she isn't able to put as much of her personal style into it, since it's not her song, I'm sure it will put her in favour with Basement Jaxx fans who will hopefully then want to hear her own material if it does get a UK release. This is a really fun track and has made me look forward to the new Basement Jaxx album despite being a little underwhelmed by the lead single Hush Boy. Speaking of Robyn, I recently discovered that when you Google "robyn review" the first result is my review from Stylus Magazine! I should clearly do more Stylus reviews, it seems to be a fast pass to Internets fame!

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