Sunday, July 09, 2006

B3 - We Got The Power  

B3 were an American boyband who became popular in Germany, starting off as a BeeGees cover group before moving on to original material. Except of course there was nothing original about it - they were one of the cheesiest, tackiest boybands of all time and utterly brilliant for it. I found this song on a compilation CD I bought when I was in Germany a few years ago, and at first I thought it was terrible but I soon realised it was actually fantastic. It sounds like a song that would be made up for a fake/parody boyband in a film, with all the typical characteristics of boyband pop exaggerated to the max. It's stupid but it's really catchy and I can't help singing along in a silly vocoder-imitating voice. They split up at the end of 2004, but they continued making pop music 1999-style right to the end, and for that resilience they must surely be applauded! If you like early *N Sync and BSBs, give this a go, it'll get you reminiscing if nothing else.

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