Saturday, June 24, 2006

West End Girls - You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk  

I apologise for the lack of posts here recently, but it's not for a lack of songs to post - in fact I've got a whole list of them ready for when I have time, but at the moment I'm consumed with A-level exams. I've got the toughest ones out of the way now so I've allowed myself some time for Internetting, and it has to be spent updating my much-loved blogs. One of the CDs that has been making revision a little more bearable is a new one I got off CD-Wow this week, the album by the West End Girls. As you'll either know or have guessed by now, they're a young female tribute band to the Pet Shop Boys! Tribute bands aren't usually the source of great albums but the WEGs are Swedish and have accordingly made the PSBs classics sound like ace girly electro-pop singles that fit very nicely into the kind of pop music coming out of Sweden at the moment, for example that of Cat 5, BWO and the Similou (who has the single of the week on Radio 1 last week - hooray!). The album is very respectful to the originals while allowing the girls to make the songs their own, and since I wasn't overly familiar with all the songs they've done, I can treat them as new songs in their own right instead of just covers, and in that sense they are fantastic, showing what great songwriters the PSBs were - I'm sure Neil and Chris will be very proud when they hear this. In fact, I think they should invite the girls to support them at their future live shows! This song is really sad but lovely, with a guitar beginning which makes it different to the usual electro-sound of the Pet Shop Boys and of course the West End Girls.

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