Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hoku - How Do I Feel (The Burrito Song)  

I'm not sure if mentioning a burrito once quite warrants the song being known as The Burrito Song, but at least you won't forget it. Hawaiian Hoku was one of the first popstars I heard of through the Internet, in the olden days when I only had dial-up and it took so long to download a song that you had to listen to the clip of it on Amazon several times to decide whether you loved it enough. I never loved any of Hoku's songs quite enough, but I guess either the clip of this one (which I discovered only recently when listening to the Poptastic station I made on Pandora) was unrepresentative or I just never heard it cos this is actually a really great and very cute song. The verses kind of remind me of Tom's Diner and the chorus is pretty catchy, also kind of reminding me of B*Witched's song Jump Down. There is a fittingly cute video which you can watch here.

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