Saturday, May 06, 2006

Eric Gadd - Meet Me Here  

If George Michael and Prince were Swedish, they might release a duet that sounded like this, although the most controversial thing Mr Gadd seems to do is swear occasionally in this song (and even that is just funny). Eric Gadd has released lots of albums but according to the discography on his web site, this is the first time he has released a single. He's a little scary-looking but don't be put off, this song is pure pop, with lots of ace squelchy electro noises in the background. It's already been out a month in Sweden, and I'm not sure how well it's done, but it will hopefully gain some more success and recognition in the next few weeks, as most songs do grow very slowly in the Swedish charts. His album, however, entered the charts at no.1, suggesting he is more of an albums artist anyway. I haven't heard anything else by him except this song, but I look forward to finding out what else he has to offer.

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