Monday, April 10, 2006

Sahlene - House  

You may know Swedish pop star Sahlene under her current alias of Anna Sahlene, most recently seen taking part in Melodifestivalen (Swedish Eurovision selection show) with a fantastic song entitled This Woman. She was pregnant at the time of the performance but she still gave it her all and it was a travesty when she didn't get through to the final. I've only heard one song from her album as Anna Sahlene and I didn't love it, but since I loved almost everything on her first album (when she was known only as Sahlene), I'm sure there are plenty of great songs on there anyway. This track is from her first album, It's Been A While, and it's so much fun you can't fail to love it. The music on It's Been A While is all fab girly pop but no song is the same. One that you might know is The Little Voice, which has been covered by Hilary Duff. If you liked the cheeky fun-ness of that song you'll love the rest of Sahlene's album and I highly recommend buying it. But first, download this track and sing along to your heart's content! "When can I mooooove?"

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