Friday, April 21, 2006

Bardot - I Need Somebody  

Don't confuse this with the song of the same name by Sweden's most underrated lady of pop, Therese, as despite the fact that either would make an excellent Dannii Minogue single, they are not the same. This track by the Australian winners of the second ever series of Popstars (as all good pop fans know, New Zealand were, for probably the first and last time, ahead of the trend as the inventors of Popstars) actually sounds a lot like Who Do You Love Now by Miss Minogue junior, but it has the extra sparkle that the song always lacked for me. Bardot's debut album, which I bought in the ex-home of over-priced music, Tower Records in London, for a mere £1.99, surprised me by being a very well-rounded pop album which successfully covered several areas of pop. I much prefer it to Hear'say's Popstars album although it obviously can't compete with Girls Aloud's fab debut. This song actually came from their second album which I've never heard but if the standard is as high as this then it must be good. Bardot split up a few years ago and all of the members except Sally (as far as I know) have attempted solo careers. None of them have been very successful, although Sophie Monk made a great debut single, Inside Outside, and appeared in a Blink 182 video and the film "Date Movie", but I wouldn't really show off about those 'achievements' if I were her. Anyway, this song is not necessarily the most original piece of dance music but it does a style that's slightly overdone so brilliantly that you completely forget that you're supposed to be bored of this kind of thing. It's really catchy and I can always launch into the fast "I need somebody, a lover and a good love too" bit at a moment's notice.

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