Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sugarland - Baby Girl  

Now it's time for something you don't see a lot of on this web site - country! This is, unsurprisingly, better described as pop in a country style (or vice versa), and it's a really fun and catchy song. Although I love listening to Southern Americans speak (it must be in my genes, my family are from a place named Baldknob - yes, really - in Arkansas), it's rare for me to enjoy country music - I find the singing a bit grating on most of the songs, but when a good country song comes along I love it, and a visit to Sugarland's web site shows they have plenty to offer. They also recently played 2 gigs at The Nutter Center and have members named Kristian and Kristen, both of which I found highly amusing. The singer is called Jennifer, and she may be a bit older than your average pop star but she's got sass coming out of every pore. Looking at the past few posts on this site, I'm so glad about how eclectic it has been - all poptastic but all different too. I hope you like it too, and if you have any comments or recommendations let me know in the usual ways.

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