Sunday, March 12, 2006

Plastic Dreams - Fuse (Move Your Body)  

Here's a song that was originally around last year, and re-appeared on the new release schedule in January, but still it hasn't got very far. However, I heard it on Radio 1's Dance Anthems (remember the days when there was dance music on Radio 1 every evening?) earlier tonight and according to Amazon it's just been released again, so maybe it will soon get the success it thoroughly deserves. The song is quite 90s in sound, as is the style of the singer (named Pip!) and the video, but it still fits in with the stuff that's around now... not that dance music has developed very much in the last decade. It's very poppy dance music, very catchy - I'm always finding myself singing it in my head. They're such a fun, colourful band and their music perfectly fits their image. I can't wait to hear more from them.

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