Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Perishers - Trouble Sleeping  

It's getting a bit 'blokes with guitars' around here, isn't it? Sorry about that, I'll post something girly next. I really love the backing music to this song, which featured in The Adam Brody Show (also known to some pedantic people as The OC) last year and was, I think, on one of the soundtrack CDs. I just like the way it plods along - it's not a bad, repetitive/unimaginative plod, it's the good type of plod, the one that goes along in a very pleasant jolly way that warms my heart. In fact it is a lot like my life, and if this is the soundtrack to my life and also Seth's then it's meant to be! Plus, I recently found out I am part Jewish, which also gives me an edge over Summer. Hurrah! Get me on the next plane to California! Another thing that makes this great is that the Perishers are Swedish and have been working with people who've worked with The Ark and The Cardigans on their new album. More hurrah! (Also, would you believe this is the first Swedish song I've posted in more than a month - that must be a record!)

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