Friday, March 31, 2006

Nerina Pallot - Everybody's Gone To War  

When I first heard this I was convinced it was a cover, because it sounds so familiar. Maybe I've heard it before somewhere, or maybe it sounds like other things, but whatever the case it doesn't matter because the fact that it seems to be an original makes it all the more excellent! It sounds like Sheryl Crow would if she one day woke up and decided to be fun and brilliant and really really catchy. This is from her second album Fires, which first came out in 2005, but I believe is being re-released with this as the new single. It's got a great video in which Nerina does a Susan off of Desperate Housewives and gets into a food fight in a supermarket. Nerina has an interesting background, both personally and musically. Her mother is Indian, her father is half-French, and she has lived in India, London and Jersey. She has been on tour with loads of great people, including Jason Mraz and Missy Higgins, and she sang on a Delirium dance single called Truly in 2003.

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