Thursday, March 09, 2006

*N Sync - Beegees Medley  

Boybands certainly don't have a reputation for being especially talented, but this live medley from an awards show a few years ago proves that this couldn't be further from the truth. The harmonies are absolutely fantastic, and without a single instrument they make the songs sound as good as the originals if not better. *N Sync, like the BSBs, may be an exception to the supposed rule, but they are also among the most popular acts of any kind of the last 10 years, proving even more so the ridiculousness of suggesting that *N Sync were not talented, or worthy or real. Not only were they a great singing group, but they were excellent dancers, made some totally brilliant music, cool videos, an entertaining live show, 2 of them were even good looking! I just think it's a shame that in years to come bands like Coldplay will be remembered as the most exciting and innovative acts of our time, but when you compare the bands without prejudice it's quite clear that *N Sync and several other acts like them deserve to be remembered just as much. I love pop for being trashy and tacky and I don't mind at all if acts can't sing live or sing at all, but when someone comes along who is not only ace but can do all those things that 'talented' bands do as well, I think that deserves some praise.

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