Friday, March 03, 2006

Infernal - Took A Ride (Fairytale)  

Since my last few posts have been rather more guitar-based than usual, it's time for some pure poptasticness. Infernal are one of the best dance-pop acts to emerge in the last year (although their current album is not their first), and I've posted several of their songs on Into The Groove. They are finally getting to release their biggest European hit single From Paris To Berlin in the UK, so I've decided to post one of the unreleased album tracks from their CD, also titled Paris To Berlin, to show that unlike many dance acts Infernal are far, far more than a one-great-song-wonder and to persuade anyone who hasn't yet bought the album that it is an absolute necessity! This song is a duet between Infernal's lovely female singer Lina Rafn and a guy called Adam Powers. If you've got the international version of the album you'll only have a version sung by Lina on her own, so this is worth hearing too - I personally think it's the better version of this absolutely fantastic pop song.

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