Monday, March 27, 2006

Angela Ammons - Walking Backwards  

Angela is one of those artists who have several very good songs, rather than one which stands out above the rest, which is a good thing except for when you want to pick one to post on an mp3 blog, cos then you're spoilt for choice. After much deliberation (Always Getting Over You and When It Doesn't Matter being close 2nd and 3rd choices) I went for this one as it has a really great chorus with a bit of extra oomph which I think will appeal to you oomph-loving pop fans. Angela is one of the young pop/rock ladies who came onto the music scene in the wake of Michelle Branch's US success, with a sound a little lighter, fluffier and poppier than Michelle's although I'm sure Miss Branch (or Mrs something else as she is now, married to some old bloke) would have been proud to release this lovely and extremely catchy song. If you've ever liked a song by goddesses of the dumper Kym Marsh, Natalie Imbruglia, Hepburn or M2M, download this immediately because you will love it! She has a new single and album out in 2006 so keep an eye on her web site.

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