Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Veronicas - Everything I'm Not  

I've posted a few songs by the Vs (as the Pop girls call them) but I couldn't not post this one, their current single in Australia, because I just can't stop listening to it at the moment. I love it even more than 4ever, their first amazing single. It's typical girl angst but the angst is conveyed so well in the music, it really works. I can almost understand why people listen to angry music when they're depressed, although I'd still rather listen to something cheery in the hope that it rubs off. This could well be the ultimate nu-Max (my name for the rock-pop style of Max Martin's recent productions) single - what do you think? Does it beat 4ever, Since U Been Gone, Break You and Going Blind? It's a very tough competition but this is definitely one of the best so far.

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