Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ella Rouge - The LA Dogs  

Ella Rouge are described as "rock/alternative/power pop", suggesting in no way that they would be good or that I would like them. Yet somehow they are and I do! The only clue to this bizarre occurence is the fact that they hail from the pop mecca that is Stockholm. The first thing they reminded me of was Invisible People by the Wallstones, a very ace retro-style song from last year's Melodifestivalen. A tougher, cooler version of course, but the similarity is more in the singing. I suppose it's just down to Swedishness - perhaps I have now listened to so much Swedish music that I just automatically warm to anything with a Swedish singer. However, I really do think this song is excellent. Sadly I haven't been able to download an MP3, but you can listen to your heart's content on their MySpace page. Also, give their song That's Me With The Gun a listen too because it sounds quite like The Ark, another properly ace Swedish group. Sadly, Ella Rouge are far less glamorous than that comparison suggests - they appear to be a group of ageing, slightly dirty-looking farmers! The guy in the photo is Ludvig, the singer and only presentable-looking member.

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