Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bryan Rice - No Promises  

After Shayne won X Factor, I stuck up for him on Dirrrty Pop, saying that due to his mould-ability he has the potential to be a great pop star. He has nothing about him, just like Rachel Stevens, so he can be given whatever good songs are going and since he's a pretty good singer and has a strong public following, he will pull it off if anyone can. Anyway, you will be wondering what Shayne has to do with this song - it is in fact going to be his next single. When I first heard this news (on the Popjustice forums, where else?), I was quite worried as it was described as the song of a "one man Westlife", which is the direction Shayne least needs to go in. However, this may be a soppy ballad but it really is a good one. After a couple of listens I like it a lot. It's not the poppy r'n'b/Darin covers I was hoping for, but it'll do for now and I hear that his album is very good too, so perhaps I will be proven right in my prediction after all! Now I suppose I'd better say something about Bryan Rice. He seems to have been pretty successful with this song in Denmark, where he's from. I presume he wrote it, cos he's not particularly pretty (although not ugly either, just boring-looking) and there's no point in pop stars who can neither make good music nor sell bad music through their beauty. This seems to be his only song so far, but I will be keeping an eye out for future releases.

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