Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Peter Schilling - The Different Story (A World Of Lust And Crime)  

I discovered this song using the fantastic web site Pandora, where you can listen to songs which has been scientifically (or as scientific as you can be about music) proven to be most like the music you already like. It's limited to artists who've released in the US, but with imagination you can still discover fab music. German-born Peter Schilling (who as you can see from the photo on the left was quite a looker in his day!) is most famous for his 1983 hit single Major Tom (I'm Coming Home), but this song should be his trademark because it's far better. It features a girl who is clearly not named Peter Schilling, and the overall sound is most comparable to the Human League. If that still means nothing to you (it wouldn't have to me a few years ago, when all I knew them for was Don't You Want Me Baby and a man with lop-sided hair) then perhaps think an even more 80s version of The Modern. A lot of these 80s electro songs seem to focus too much on their cool sound (as it must have all been quite new and exciting at the time) and not enough on making a great pop song, but this is the reverse. It's a great pop duet with a catchy chorus and the 80s sound fits it perfectly. A visit to his web site tells me Peter is still alive (well, the 80s weren't that long ago), has terrible taste in head-wear and recently wrote a self-help book called "Wellness"!

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