Sunday, January 22, 2006

Martin Rolinski - Wig Wam Bam  

Ever wondered what Bodies Without Organs would sound like if they went in an 80s cheesy rock direction? Well, neither had I but I'm very glad to know! This song was recorded by Martin, the singer of BWO (as they are now called since Bodies Without Organs is difficult for non-English speakers to pronounce), when he took part in a Swedish Popstars programme. Catchy Tunes of Sweden recently posted his version of How Deep Is Your Love, and it's good enough, but I love this Sweet cover all the more - it really does sound like what BWO would be if they went in a cheesy 80s rock direction ie. utterly fab and quite a bit silly! I can't remember if Martin is actually openly gay but if he is it's nice to see he was comfortable in singing "Wig wam bam gonna make you my man" so early in his career!

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