Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Light Bulb Project - Fair Game  

(Left click the link)
Regular visitors to Catchy Tunes of Sweden will be well aware of the new Swedish girl group Cat5, makers of cute, catchy electro-pop tunes like Sexy and Play This Loud. If you like them or just the sound of them, you'll definitely like The Light Bulb Project, which according to my slightly limited Internet learnings, seems to be the old band of some or all of the Cat5 members. They're also very generous, giving away 6 brilliant songs for free on their web site. Fair Game is my favourite for it's lovely backing music, but I also love the lyrics of If I Liked Sports, I'd Be One (they're a little nonsensical, but anything that's anti-sport is great for me). All the songs are really really good, so I would recommend downloading them all, but especially the 2 mentioned above. It's Swedish electropop of the very highest calibre.

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