Friday, January 27, 2006

Gene Serene  

One of the best pop discoveries I've made through Fluxblog, and there have been very many, is Gene Serene. First her catchy electro-pop song You Want Me was posted there, in which I love the smart, girl-powered lyrics and her way of singing - she manages to be super-cool yet entirely likeable, which is a rare accomplishment. On The Hours, another song posted on Fluxblog, she sounds weary and vulnerable, seeming especially timid imposed over the tough electronic backing music, making the lyrics heart-breaking. Like The Light Bulb Project, Gene Serene, is a very generous pop star, giving away most of her new album Genesis for free on her web site. Most of the songs sound more like You Want Me than The Hours, but every one is different and yet equally fantastic. In fact, the sound is not that different from The Light Bulb Project, although some songs (Wicked and her cover of Should I Stay Or Should I Go) sound more like a slightly more sophisticated Shampoo, while All Over You wouldn't be out of place on Gwen Stefani's next album. There's just something so appealing about this girl's voice and style, and I don't think it's just me.

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