Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fefe Dobson - Don't Let It Go To Your Head  

I'm back! I can't promise to be any less sporadic for the next week (I have 3 exams and am in a mega-stess because I've been working really hard and yet still feel utterly unprepared), but I have been continuing to write on Dirrrty Pop as much as possible so if you miss me that much go there instead. Now, onto the music. This is Fefe's latest single and it is absolutely excellent, as is its video. The first time I listened several months ago I wasn't paying attention properly so I thought it was OK but proceded to forget about it and it wasn't until yesterday when it popped up on my mp3 player on the bus that I heard it again and fell in love with it. I even played it over 3 times in a row which is a very rare thing for me because I have a very short attention span and usually want to hear something else after 4 minutes or so of one song, but not this one! I don't know why this works so much better than her previous songs - I have her album and although there's quite a few godo songs there's nothing even approaching this for power and angsty fabulousness. Fefe is strange-looking and her voice can be very annoying, but on the right song she can be great.

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