Saturday, December 10, 2005

Top 10 Holiday Hits - 8. Mandaryna - A Spaceman Came Travelling  

This is the first Christmas song posted this year on Into The Groove, although I don't think Mandaryna realised it as her album was released earlier this year. Her real name is Marta Katarzyna Wiƛniewska, she's 27 and all her web site seems to have on it is a fabulous dress-up game and photographs, including loads of badly photo-shopped Christmas cards! (see left) Apparently she's a huge celebrity in Poland, having been married to a famous rock singer. They even had their own reality show, but Mandaryna's album was hated so much by the music critics that her husband divorced her! As you can guess, this song is a cover of Chris de Burgh's old hit, and it's as surreal as you would expect from a Polish dance-pop singer covering this song.

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