Sunday, December 04, 2005

Top 10 Holiday Hits: 10. Zandra - Why  

Yes, it's another Top 10 Holiday Hits, because as you may know I've just come back fro ma short trip to Krakow in Poland, where they have fantastic pop music, so I of course have to present you with the best music I discovered or enjoyed during my trip. Zandra is a Swedish pop star who is surprisingly little-known considering she's got some great songs. She has released an album, on which is the only single of hers I had previously heard, the fabulous power ballad, I Am Your Woman. This song was on the Brave Hits 2006 compilation album I bought from Empik, the main record shop in Krakow. It was also a single in June 2005, and like so many songs I have been listening to this week, it sounds straight out of Eurovision.

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