Saturday, November 26, 2005

Infernal - A To The B  

I haven't even got the Infernal album yet and they're releasing a new song that's not on it. It will, however, be on the international version of the CD, released to capitalise on their success in such countries as Italy, Germany, Poland, Finland, Norway and even Australia. It's an extremely catchy dance-pop song, similar in sound to From Paris To Berlin and Cheap Trick Kinda Girl, but with extra aceness from the talky bits and It's Your Duty-esque whip sounds! Infernal, aka the fabulously-named Lina and Paw, have to be one of the best pop discoveries of 2005 and if they carry on making music like this they could be up there with the Alcazars and A*Teens of the boy/girl Europop groups in no time.

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