Sunday, November 13, 2005

Cascada - How Do You Do!  

Here is yet another Roxette dance cover, this time of their no.13 hit from 1992, with it's 'imaginative' use of punctuation. This version is true Europhoria (if that's not a genre already it should be) - a very energetic dance background with a young female singer who sounds almost unreasonably cheerful. This one certainly won't be getting anywhere near the US top 10, but it's certainly rivalling Fading Like A Flower for my favourite of these new Roxette covers. Cascada are the same people who did the brilliant single (I Need A) Miracle, although they were then called Cascade. The songs are sung by an English/German girl named Natalie Horler, and she has 2 male dancers named Falk and Essa. The songs are created by DJs Yanou and Manian.

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