Saturday, November 19, 2005

Birgit - Hardrocking Diva  

A title that makes "Crazy Chick" sound sophisticated, but the song is actually very good. The style is r'n'b pop, somewhere between Jamelia and Lene Nystrom. Birgit is a new Dutch pop girl, with the acest web site I've seen in ages. The site even plays a version of the single with Japanese language verses! Birgit has been releasing singles since 1999 and released her first album, Few Like Me in 2001, when she moved from Mercury Records to Virgin. Hardrocking Diva is from her second album, Sticky Tales (released last month), and you can see the video (a mixture of 60s and Japanese style, and extremely cool) on her web site. You should also look through the photo section because this girl has got amazing style and takes great photos. I can't believe I haven't heard of Birgit before - she is quite a find, to say the least! The only rubbish thing is, I can't find anywhere at all to buy her CDs - how does she expect to sell any?

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